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For more precise and customized results, apply for “Customized PCS Property Search” by pressing the red “VIP Insider Access” button and register online or press the “Sign Up For PCS” button below to create your own PCS account”. All services for our Buyers’ are Free of Charge and Obligations.

Stan and Stelli Stanchev / Team 3000 Realty
Direct/Text: 604-202-1412
Office: 778-866-4654
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.vreg.ca

We take your privacy seriously.
Your personal information is collected to send you the additional information that you requested about the real estate, mortgage, and affiliated products and services. For details please see the real estate marketing website privacy policy.

Just a reminder that the membership in our group is absolutely cost and obligation FREE. Although referral fees between members are recommended, they are not mandatory. If a referral fee can’t be accepted by a professional, due to their business policies, the referral fees or service discounts can be transferred to the clients.

All our experts will be exclusively registered for their specific services and geographic areas. There will be a maximum of 3 experts per business type and area. A few of the reasons for having more than one exclusive expert are:

1. Our clients expect a quick response. A specialist who is absent, or too busy dealing with other clients, will lose their priority in getting the referral if they don’t respond to the VREG referral dispatch in 30 minutes by text, phone or email. The referral opportunity will be sent to the next in priority specialist.

2. VREG is a self-promoted group and our success strongly depends on everybody advertising and promoting our mutual website www.vreg.ca The priority of getting referrals generated by VREG is determined by two major factors:

– The number of registered through VREG referrals sent to other members

– The volume of promoting and advertising www.vreg.ca on your social media networks and other sources.

Here is an example of the priority information available for each member:

1 John Dole: Realtor with ABC Realty 123 Colony Street, Berlin, Germany, G5A 3T1, office: 1-345-234-4567 direct: 1-345-456-6789 email: [email protected] Referrals sent in 2015: 7 – Total 2015 advertising hits: 17,560 (calculated by promoting vreg.ca on his FB profile 4 times a week to 250 contacts = 1,000 hits, LinkedIn profile 4 times a week to 500 contacts = 2,000 hits etc.) Promoting www.vreg.ca will be monitored by our social media and advertisement coordinators.

2 Peter Yan: Realtor with XYZ Realty 456 Farm Street, Berlin, Germany, G57 2G4, office: 1-345-456-7896 direct: 1-345-897-6534 email: [email protected] Referrals sent in 2015: 5 – Total 2015 advertising hits: 10,560

Full business and contact information for each member will be available on www.vreg.ca. Members are free to send referrals directly to each other, without using the VREG referral dispatch service. The direct referrals will NOT  qualify for collecting priority referrals points for leads generated by www.vreg.ca.

Sellers Guaranteed Programs

1. If we can’t bring you an offer for our guaranteed price in 90 days, we’ll SELL your property for FREE. You will only pay the buyer’s agent portion of the commission* (Conditions apply)

2. If another REALTOP® or Brokerage offers you a more comprehensive marketing program, we’ll SELL your property for FREE. You will only pay the buyer’s agent portion of the commission.*(Conditions apply)

3. ANY BUYERS in your area will know that your property is for sale. Thanks to our Referral Fee incentive programthe rest of the public, will be encouraged to recommend your property to friends, relatives or colleagues.

4. At ANY TIME during the listing agreement, on your request, we will CANCEL it. No questions asked.

To Find out more about Our Unique 237 step-by-step Comprehensive Marketing Plan go to Our Marketing Plan

VIP Buyers Guaranteed Programs

1. If within one year, you are not happy with the purchased property, we’ll SELL IT FOR FREE.You pay only the buyer’s agent portion of the commission* (Conditions apply)
2. If we don’t SAVE you at least 1% on your home purchase price, on completion date we’ll pay you back 10% of our net commission* (Conditions apply)
3. Our services are COST FREE for you. Our commissions are paid by the sellers.

To find out how you benefit from our Buyers FREE Real Estate services, go to FREE Buyers Services

Expired MLS® Listings House Didn’t Sell. If your home has just come off the market and hasn’t sold, don’t be discouraged. The reason your home did not sell may have nothing to do with your home or the market. In reality, your home may have been one of the more desirable properties for sale.


Your referrals are greatly appreciated and very well rewarded.
For information on how to earn $500.00* or more visit our “Referral Program” page.

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
“Stan is a very reliable, honest, patient and efficient realtor. He puts the needs of his clients above his and he is always ready to provide relevant information about the housing market to prospective buyers.”
Elizabeth Zinder de Jesus
Seniors Outreach Coordinator at South-Burnaby Neighborhood House
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
“Stan is highly experienced and great with clients in their sales or purchases of homes. He listens and cares about the client’s needs. He does not pressure clients to make quick decisions. We worked with him on more than 4 properties. We would not hesitate to recommend his services as we’ve seen the great benefits of the services, advice and the informed decisions we took based on them.”
Ivan Velikov
Architect at Stantec
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
“We thoroughly enjoyed dealing with Stan. He sold our home as well as helped us purchase another in a different area. He is well versed in the market and keeps his clients up to date in market matters.”
Karim Ladha Juma
 Information Technology and Services Professional


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