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Website: www.vreg.ca

Just a reminder that the membership in our group is absolutely cost and obligation FREE. Although referral fees between members are recommended, they are not mandatory. If a referral fee can’t be accepted by a professional, due to their business policies, the referral fees or service discounts can be transferred to the clients.

All our experts will be exclusively registered for their specific services and geographic areas. There will be a maximum of 3 experts per business type and area. A few of the reasons for having more than one exclusive expert are:

1. Our clients expect a quick response. A specialist who is absent, or too busy dealing with other clients, will lose their priority in getting the referral if they don’t respond to the VREG referral dispatch in 30 minutes by text, phone or email. The referral opportunity will be sent to the next in priority specialist.

2. VREG is a self-promoted group and our success strongly depends on everybody advertising and promoting our mutual website www.vreg.ca The priority of getting referrals generated by VREG is determined by two major factors:

– The number of registered through VREG referrals sent to other members

– The volume of promoting and advertising www.vreg.ca on your social media networks and other sources.

Here is an example of the priority information available for each member:

1 John Dole: Realtor with ABC Realty 123 Colony Street, Berlin, Germany, G5A 3T1, office: 1-345-234-4567 direct: 1-345-456-6789 email: [email protected] Referrals sent in 2015: 7 – Total 2015 advertising hits: 17,560 (calculated by promoting vreg.ca on his FB profile 4 times a week to 250 contacts = 1,000 hits, LinkedIn profile 4 times a week to 500 contacts = 2,000 hits etc.) Promoting www.vreg.ca will be monitored by our social media and advertisement coordinators.

2 Peter Yan: Realtor with XYZ Realty 456 Farm Street, Berlin, Germany, G57 2G4, office: 1-345-456-7896 direct: 1-345-897-6534 email: [email protected] Referrals sent in 2015: 5 – Total 2015 advertising hits: 10,560

Full business and contact information for each member will be available on www.vreg.ca. Members are free to send referrals directly to each other, without using the VREG referral dispatch service. The direct referrals will NOT  qualify for collecting priority referrals points for leads generated by www.vreg.ca.

Our members can use or share with their clients any free information sources and marketing tools, available on this website or by request.  For more information call: 778-866-4654.

Access to Guides, Tips, and  Preselected MLS® Listings (Foreclosures, Bank Distress, Fixer Uppers, Luxury Properties, View Properties, New Homes and Building Lots, Houses with Acreage, Houses with Swimming Pools, Estate and POA sales etc.)

Our members business and contact information