Meet Our Vancouver Real Estate Group ExpertsVancouver Real Estate Group Experts

Stan Stanchev – Realtor Direct: 604-202-1412
E-mail: [email protected]
Stelli Stanchev – Realtor Direct: 604-202-4141
E-mail: [email protected]

Office manager
New Listings
Iliana Panayoto – Marketing and Social media
Michael Mitov – Computer support and SEO
24/7 answering service.

Multilanguage Mortgage Brokers in different locations,
specializing in specific financing.
Cooperating Lawyers in different locations.
Cooperating Home Inspectors in different locations.
Cooperating Contractors and Architects for various projects and locations.

Each Team Member Has a Specific Role To Play In The Selling Of Your Home

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Stan Stanchev
Stan StanchevRealtor
Aryo Falakrou
Aryo FalakrouArchitect
Tourent Inspections
Tourent Inspections
Stelli Stanchev
Stelli StanchevRealtor
Iliana Panayoto
Iliana PanayotoCustomer Relations
Iryna Rudavska
Iryna RudavskaMortgages
Dustin Woodhouse
Dustin WoodhouseMortgage Broker
Sua Truong
Sua TruongMortgages
Alex Pang
Alex PangMortgage Broker
Blair Goodman
Blair GoodmanMortgage Broker
Michelle Beet & Susan Cowling
Michelle Beet & Susan CowlingMortgage Brokers
Ramin Aminian
Ramin AminianMortgage Broker
Mario Da Roza
Mario Da RozaRealtor
Marko Gelo
Marko GeloMortgage Broker
Mark Braeder
Mark BraederLawyer