267 Step by Step Unique Sellers Listing Marketing Plan

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See below our unique 267 step-by-step Comprehensive Marketing Plan

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Pre-listing activities as part of our 267 step-by-step marketing plan

  • Establishing the seller’s reasons for selling and their plans after the sale. This helps us to customize our marketing plan for the seller’s specifics needs. Questions to Seller
  • Considering and evaluating the general area, the sub-area and the surrounding neighborhood of the property will help establish a more accurate market value. General area and Subarea
  • Evaluating, the pros and cons of the property location in the neighborhood, considering factors such as view, privacy, condition and appearance of surrounding properties will help establish a more accurate market value. Neighborhood and Location
  • Performing an exterior “curb appeal assessment” of the building and the landscaping helps establish a more accurate market value. Curb appeal assessment
  • Making notes and preparing a list of low cost, easy improvements that will increase the street appeal of the property, if needed. Street Appeal Renovations
  • Arranging an initial appointment with the seller for reviewing the interior of the property. This will also help to compare the property with the competition. Interior condition
  • Reviewing the interior of the property. Suggesting to the sellers inexpensive repairs and interior design tips that will increase to the interior appeal of the property. Small repairs
  • Video tutorials from professional interior designers to prepare the Property for sale. Watch short YouTube videos
  • Collecting information regarding any renovations, additions and updates that might affect the market value of the property. Help us to emphasize the advantages and features of the property to potential buyers. Home Features
  • Researching all currently listed comparable properties in the area determines the competition’s average asking price. Comparable Active Listings
  • Researching “average days on market” for active properties similar in type, price and location determine how “hot” the market is in the area. Average Days on the Market REBGV Stats
  • Research for the recent comparable sales in the area. Comparable Sales in the Area
  • Researching sales activity for the past 3 to 6 months from the MLS® and public databases establish the realistic average selling price. Average Selling Price REBGV Stats
  • Researching “average days on market” for sold properties similar in type, price and location show how long it will take to sell a properly priced property. Average Days on the Market REBGV Stats
  • Researching all comparable expired or canceled properties similar in type, price and location in the last 3 to 6 months shows what buyers were not willing to pay for similar properties. Comparable Expired Listings
  • Finding out the reasons for the properties expiring or being canceled will help us avoid making the same mistakes when selling your property. Reasons Listing to Expire Page 1 and Page 2
  • Comparing the selected properties with your property and making appropriate adjustments for any superior or inferior features that usually affect the value of the property. This is the same way professional bank appraisers determine actual market value. Price Adjustments
  • Download and review property tax roll information for additional comparison with the sold properties. Tax Report
  • Based on all the information collected, we’ll prepare a Comparable Marketing Analysis (CMA) report. This will include similar, active, sold and expired listings in the area. CMA Report
  • Establishing a fair market value for the property in the current market conditions. Importance of Pricing
  • Arranging a second appointment with the seller for CMA and marketing plan presentation.

CMA and Marketing Plan Presentation

  • Confirming with the sellers’ reason to sell and their plans afterward. Questions p1 p2
  • Explaining the 5 major factors affecting the sale of any property; Local Market Conditions, Location, Property Condition, Price and Marketing. 5 Major Factors
  • Give seller an overview of current market conditions. Local Market Conditions Home Price Index HPI
  • Present company’s profile and position in the marketplace RE/MAX Market Share RE/MAX Metro Offices
  • Review agent and brokerage credentials and accomplishments. Testimonials
  • CMA presentation and establishing market and listing price. Offer professional pricing strategy based on current market conditions and sellers goals. This is the most important starting point of the selling process. CMA Front Page Comparable Active Comparable SOLD Comparable Expired CMA Pricing
  • Offering the Seller three choices of marketing packages. Standard, Premium and Supreme. 3 Marketing Plans
  • Presentation of the three marketing plans. Explaining the seller the benefits from each action in our marketing plans. See below description of the three plans
  • Written warranties, depending on the chosen package are presented to the seller:
  • Standard package warranty certificate #1: At any time during the selling process, if you change your plans to sell or if you are not happy with our performance, at your request, we’ll cancel the listing agreement.
  • Premium package warranty certificate #2: Any Buyers in your area, will know that your property is for sale. Thanks to our Referral Fee incentive program, the rest of the public, will be encouraged to recommend your property to friends, relatives or colleagues.
  • Premium package warranty certificate #3: If we can’t bring you an offer for our guaranteed price in 90 days, after the sale we’ll give back the Seller 50% of our net commission. (Conditions apply)
  • Supreme package warranty certificate #4: If we can’t bring you an offer for our guaranteed price in 90 dayswe’ll SELL your property for FREE. You will only pay the buyer’s agent portion of the commission* (Conditions apply)
  • The differences between MLS®, Web and Social Media marketing and the benefits from each of them.
  • The work a Realtor does “behind the scenes”. The Realtor’s availability on weekends and 24/7 answering service.
  • The Realtors’ role in screening qualified buyers to protect against curiosity seekers. Great Buyers
  • Explain different agency relationships and determine seller’s preference. Working with a Realtor p1
  • Signing the Brochure “Working with a REALTOR®”. Acknowledgment of agency relationship. Working with a Realtor p2
  • Signing the listing agreement. Gives us the authorization to market the property. MLS® Listing Agreement
  • Filling and signing a Property Disclosure Statement (PDS) to protect the Seller from future misrepresentation claims. PDS
  • Prepare showing’s instructions for buyers’ agents and agree on showings and “Open House” times with the seller. Open House
  • Obtaining the tenants’ contact information for rented properties and copies of all rental agreements. Verify all rents and deposits. Meeting and discussing the showings with the tenant. Establishing a good relationship with the tenants is essential for the successful sale of the property.
  • Arranging a time for taking interior and exterior measurements. Taking photos and videos of the property and neighborhood. These are essential resources to start our marketing campaign.

Standard Marketing Plan

  • MLS and Full Internet advertisement MLS® REBGV MLS® Data Input Form RealtyLink.org stanstanchev.com Global Association
  • Newspapers and all local print media advertisement. Print Media Advertisement
  • Open houses and “For Sale “sign.
  • Realtor Tours and Open Houses for Realtors Open House Realtors Tour
  • Photo Tours Photo Tours Photo Gallery
  • Video Tours Video Tours
  • CraigsList Ad, Kijiji Kijiji Ad, Oodle AOL Ooodle AOL Ad , Metro Vancouver Metro Vancouver Ads, The Province The Province Classifieds, The Vancouver Sun The Vancouver Sun ClassifiedsRealtylink.org
  • Flyers, Brochures and Open House invitations and mail outs Just Listed in the area.
  • Posting flyers in all real estate offices, bank branches display boards, and mortgage companies display boards. RE Kiosk RE Display Boards
  • Preparing a complete information package for the apartment (ordering all required bylaws, strata documents, Form B and the latest financial statements, Title search, engineering reports and contingency reserve study. Tax Report PDS Property Disclosure Statement Title Search Survey Plan Subdivision Plan Strata Plan Form “B” Certificate Strata Council Meeting Minutes
  • Full-color brochures and hand-outs for showings and open houses Brochures
  • Holding “Open Houses” Open House Visitors Registration Form
  • Video DVD’s hand-outs for showings and open houses. DVD Handouts DVD Slideshows
  • Submitting the listing agreement MLS® Multiple Listing Contract and documentation MLS® Data Input Form in the brokerage office. The property will be presented to the colleagues in our office meetings Monday Team 3000 Realty Office meetings and REBGV Real Estate Board Meetings Agents will be invited to our first agents’ open house. Open House Realtors Tour
  • Taking interior and exterior measurements of the property to protect the sellers’ from future misrepresentation claims. Floor Plan 1 Floor Plan 2
  • Installing the most visible and respected Team 3000 Realty “FOR SALE” sign on the property with 24/7 contact phone number. It is a symbol of high-quality services and a real estate experience.
  • Obtaining a set of keys/remote control openers from the sellers or ordering a set of fobs/entrance cards and common areas keys for apartment buildings. Keys and Fobs
  • Installing a high-tech electronic lockbox on the property with assigned MLS® number for tracking, following up and feedbacks on the showings, if applicable. Wireless Lock Box
  • Taking professional photos and videos of the interior, exterior, landscaping and back yard for emphasizing the best features of the property in our marketing campaign. Photo Tours Photo Gallery
  • Taking professional photos and videos Video Tours of the best neighborhood’s features. In our marketing campaign, we are selling the whole package of location, amenities and the property itself. Our videos and advertisement will emphasize on features like exercise, hockey Ice Rings Hockey Arenas and swimming amenities Swimming Pools Wave Pools , libraries Library and community centers Park Gate Gym , schools Seycove Secondary , shopping Capilano Shopping Mall , transportation Bus Transport Sea Bus Sky train Bike Routes Vancouver Airport Helijet to Victoria Train Station , golf Northlands Golf and tennis Indoor Tennis , parks Capilano Canyon , hiking Hiking , biking Mountain Biking , skiing Extreme Skiing Grouse Mountain Gondola , boating Sailboat Marina , fishing Deep-sea Fishing and so on.
  • Filling and submitting the data input forms MLS® Data Input Form , photos Photos and full listing information to the REBGV MLS® services MLS® REBGV . Presenting the property to over 17,000 local agents, working with qualified and ready to buy clients. Motivated Buyers
  • Confirming the accuracy of the property’s MLS listing information after the activation. MLS® REBGV Listing
  • Registering the property with Touchbase Appointments Request System and connecting the seller’s email, so they can receive immediately copies of the requests for showings from other agents. This will save time when scheduling and confirming the showings. TouchBase Appointments Management System
  • Load listing time into transaction management software. TP8i Transaction Management
  • Load listing into Top Producer 8i CRM Clients Relationship Management software, which will match automatically, registered potential buyers for the same area, price and criteria. TP8i Listing Management software
  • Preparing a comprehensive property information file .This makes cooperating agents and future buyers feel more secure and confident about the history and condition of the property. All these documents will be scanned and transformed into PDF format files for easy access and distribution to interested parties. They will be uploaded to DropBox Main Menu DropBox Survey Document, Microsoft OneDrive One Drive Documents, iCloud iCloud Main Menu or Google Drive Google Drive Documents for easy access from any place and time.
  • Ordering and obtaining a Title search showing the registered owners on title, any right of ways, restrictive covenants, encroachments, legal notices and claims, liens, outstanding judgments, unpaid taxes and any other encumbrances on title. This will ensure that the seller will be able to clear title on completion date and will stay out of legal troubles. Title Search Right of Way
  • Incorporating the PDS into the property file. Property Disclosure Statement PDS
  • For condos ordering and obtaining any available strata documents (bylaws Bylaws, rules and regulations Strata Rules and Regulations, strata plan Strata Plan, minutes for the last 2 years Strata Council Minutes , the latest financial statements and budget for the strata corporation Financial Statements Strata , Form “B” certificate Form B Certificate, copy of the strata insurance policy with the deductible amounts Strata Insurance Policy House Insurance Policy , engineering reports Engineering Report, Rain screening works done Rainscreening p1 Rain screening p2 Depreciation report Depreciation Report, status and location of parking and storage locker Storage Locker Location.
  • Obtain the latest property tax assessment notice. Tax Assessment Notice
  • Download the property tax report. Tax Report
  • Obtain house plans, if applicable and available. House Plan Floor Plan
  • Review house plans and make copies. House Plan
  • Obtain current mortgage loan(s) information: companies and account numbers. Mortgage Pre-Approval
  • Verify current loan information with the lenders. Mortgage Outstanding Payments
  • Check the assumability of the loans and any special requirements. Mortgage Agreement
  • Discuss possible buyer financing alternatives and options with the seller. Mortgage Assumption
  • Review and make a copy of current bank appraisal if available. Bank Appraisal Report
  • Research electricity availability and supplier’s name and phone number BC Hydro
  • Calculate average utility usage from last 12 months of bills. BC Hydro Bills
  • Research and verify city sewer/septic tank system. Sewer/Septic Tank System
  • Calculate average water system fees or rates from last 12 months of bills. Water Bills
  • Or confirm well status, depth and output from Well Report. Well Report
  • Research/verify natural gas availability, supplier’s name and phone number. Fortis Gas Bill
  • Verify security system, the terms of the service and whether owned or leased. Alarm System
  • Ascertain need for lead-based paint and asbestos disclosure. Asbestos Disclosure Lead Based Paint Disclosure
  • Prepare a detailed list of property’s “Inclusions & Conveyances with Sale.”
  • Prepare a detailed list of property amenities and features which will affect the market value. List of Amenities and Features Indoor Pool
  • Prepare a complete list of repairs and maintenance items. List of Repairs
  • Confirm with Seller if major renovations were done with the proper permits and obtain copies of the permits and inspections. Major Home Renovations Plans and Permits
  • Send “Vacancy Checklist” to the seller if the property is vacant. Vacant Property Checklist
  • Explain benefits of New Home Warranty. New Home Warranty 2-5-10
  • Obtain a copy of the Home Owner Warranty certificate, if applicable. New Home Warranty
  • Obtain a copy of a new roof warranty and if transferable. Roof Warranty Certificate
  • Visit the local municipality hall zoning department to confirm the property zoning and use. Obtaining a copy of the applicable zoning bylaws and maps. Confirmation of lot size and dimensions. Zoning Map Zoning-Bylaws
  • Visit the local municipality hall building department to check if there are any registered outstanding orders, warnings or letters on the property. Obtaining copies of any available property documentation. Outstanding Order Order to Stop Work
  • Visit the local municipality hall planning department to check if the property is included in the next 5 year OCP Official Community Plan and if it may affect the future market value of the property. Obtaining a copy of the OCP for the property area. OCP District of NV
  • Visit the local Fire department to find about an old oil tank registration. Obtaining a copy of oil tank removal certificate, if available. Oil Tank Removal Report
  • Order an oil tank inspection for the property. Obtain a clearance certificate. Oil Tank Inspection Report
  • If an oil tank is found, to help the seller to arrange for its removal. Oil Tank Contamination Status Report
  • If the property has a steam/creek running through, to check with the authorities in charge about any restrictions and regulations that might affect the future use of the property. This will protect the Sellers from any future legal actions for misrepresentation. Riparian Stream Act page1 Riparian Stream Act p2
  • If property was previously used for marijuana grow-op or met lab Grow op pics RCMP Grow op List
  • If the house is very old, to check if it is registered as a heritage house. Heritage House Heritage Houses Map
  • Prepare an information package for the local daycares, public and private elementary and secondary schools, colleges and universities, including their ratings and public scores. Map of Local Schools
  • Preparing a list of local amenities, community centers, recreation facilities, tennis and golf courses, parks, outdoor activities and shopping places with their locations and contact numbers. List of amenities in the area
  • Filling and submitting the property listing information to Team 3000 Realty, connected to a network of more than 120,000 agents in more than 90 countries with over 7,000 offices.
  • In 24 to 48 hours, the property will be uploaded to every public and DIX reciprocal websites across Canada and USA.
  • Submitting and posting the new MLS listing in our brokerage Team 3000 Realty and the affiliated offices.
  • Informing all Realtors from the local real estate companies about our new listing and inviting them to the “Agents Open House”. Part of the active marketing of your property is to promote it to the most active Realtors in the area and to be very cooperative with them.
  • Prepare Mailing Contact list and E-mail List
  • Generate Mail Merge letters to contact list.
  • Preparing and printing “Just Listed” flyers and brochures for showings and open houses.
  • Order “Just Listed” labels and reports.
  • Prepare flyers and feedback forms. Flyers and Feedback Form
  • Prepare property marketing brochure for seller’s review.
  • Preparing and printing property brochures and “Open House” invitation cards for mail-outs.
  • Mail “Just Listed” notice to all neighborhood residents.
  • Arrange for printing or copying of supply of marketing brochures and flyers.
  • Place marketing brochures in all company agent mailboxes.
  • Posting property listing brochures to over 100 hundred affiliated bank branch offices display boards in the area.
  • Posting property listing brochures to over 50 affiliated mortgage companies display boards in the area.
  • Upload listing to the companyoffice and agent’s websites.
  • Advising Team 3000 Realty Referral Network Program regarding the new listing.
  • Provide marketing data to buyers from International Relocation Networks.
  • Provide marketing data to 7,000 members of international Referral Network like “ReferralKey”.
  • Submit ads to company’s participating Internet real estate sites.
  • Convey price changes promptly to all Internet groups
  • Reprint/supply brochures promptly as needed
  • Review comparable MLS® listings regularly to ensure property remains competitive in price, terms, conditions and availability.
  • Review weekly Market Study.
  • Place regular weekly update calls to seller to discuss marketing and pricing
  • Coordinate showings with owners, tenants and other agents. Return all calls–weekends included
  • Send feedback e-mails/faxes to buyers’ agents after showings.
  • Discuss feedback from showing agents with seller to determine if changes will accelerate the sale.
  • Promptly enter price changes in MLS® listings database, if any.
  • Preparing and negotiating offers
  • Receive and review all Offer to Purchase contracts submitted by buyers or buyers’ agents.
  • Evaluate offer(s) and prepare “net sheet” on each for the owner to compare.
  • Counsel seller on offers. Explain merits and weakness of each component of each offer.
  • Contact buyers’ agents to review buyer’s qualifications and discuss the offer.
  • Fax/deliver Seller’s Disclosure to buyer’s agent or buyer upon request and prior to an offer if possible.
  • Assist buyer with obtaining financing and follow-up as necessary. Bank Approval
  • Coordinate with lender on discount points being locked in with dates.
  • Confirm buyer is pre-qualified by calling loan officer.
  • Obtain pre-qualification letter on buyer from a loan officer.
  • Tracking the Loan Process
  • Follow loan processing through to the underwriter.
  • Add lender and other vendors to transaction management program so agents, buyer and seller can track the progress of the sale.
  • Contact lender weekly to ensure processing is on track.
  • Relay final approval of buyer’s loan application to the seller.
  • Review buyer’s credit report results–Advise seller of worst and best case scenarios.
  • Provide credit report information to seller if the property is to be seller financed.
  • Negotiate all offers on seller’s behalf, setting a time limit for loan approval and closing date.
  • Prepare and convey any counteroffers, acceptance or amendments to buyer’s agent.
  • When Offer-to-Purchase contract is accepted and signed by the seller, deliver to buyer’s agent.
  • Obtain and Deliver any Strata and property related documents to the buyers’ agent for review.
  • Schedule the bank appraisal. Bank Appraisal
  • Provide comparable sales used in market pricing to the appraiser.
  • Follow up on the appraisal report.
  • Assist seller in questioning appraisal report if it seems too low. Appraised Market Value
  • Arranging home inspection. Home Inspection
  • Review home inspector’s report. Home Inspection Report
  • Explain seller’s responsibilities of loan limits and interpret any clauses in the contract.
  • Ensure seller’s compliance with home inspection clause requirements.
  • Assist seller with identifying and negotiating with trustworthy contractors for required repairs.
  • Negotiate payment and oversee completion of all required repairs on seller’s behalf, if needed.
  • Arranging for old oil tank inspection, if requested Oil Tank Inspection Oil Tank Contamination Report Oil Tank Removal Status
  • Order a termite inspection, if requested. Termite Inspection Termite Inspection Report
  • Order a mold inspection, if requested. Mold Inspection 1 Mold Inspection 2
  • Order an asbestos inspection, if requested. Asbestos Removal
  • Order a septic inspection, if requested. Septic Lagoon
  • Receive and review septic system report and access any impact on sale.
  • Deliver a copy of septic system inspection report to lender and buyer.
  • Deliver well flow test report copies to lender, buyer and listing file. Well Flow Inspection
  • Preparing and signing final subjects’ removal.
  • Deliver copies of fully signed Offer to Purchase contract to sellers.
  • Fax/deliver copies of Offer to Purchase contract to selling agent.
  • Preparing and submitting all closing documents to the conveyancing department.
  • Record and promptly deposit buyer’s money into a trust account.
  • Confirm return of verification of deposit and buyer’s employment.
  • Disseminate “Under-Contract Showing Restrictions” as seller requests.
  • Fax/deliver copies of the contract and all addendum forms to closing lawyer/attorney.
  • Fax/deliver copies of Offer to Purchase contract to the lender.
  • Provide copies of accepted Offer to Purchase contract for office file.
  • Advice seller in handling additional offers to purchase submitted between contracts and closing.
  • Change MLS® status to “Sale Pending.”
  • Update transaction management program to show “Sale Pending.”
  • Enter completion into a transaction management tracking software program.
  • Deliver unrecorded property information to the buyer.
  • Closing Preparations and Duties
  • Make sure contract is signed by all parties.
  • Coordinate closing process with buyer’s agent and lender.
  • Update closing forms and files.
  • Ensure all parties have all forms and information needed to close the sale.
  • Select location for closing.
  • Confirm closing date and time and notify all parties.
  • Solve any title problems (boundary disputes, easements, etc.) or in obtaining death certificates.
  • Work with buyer’s agent in scheduling and conducting buyer’s final walk-through prior to closing.
  • Research all tax, maintenance fees, utility and other applicable proration.
  • Request final closing figures from closing lawyer or Notary.
  • Receive and carefully review closing figures to ensure accuracy.
  • Forward verified closing figures to buyer’s agent.
  • Request copy of closing documents from lawyers.
  • Confirm the buyer and buyer’s agent received title insurance commitment.
  • Provide “Home Owners Warranty” if available at closing.
  • Review all closing documents carefully for errors.
  • Forward closing documents to an absentee seller as requested.
  • Review documents with the lawyers or Notary.
  • Provide earnest money deposit from the escrow account to the lawyers.
  • Coordinate closing with seller’s next purchase, resolving timing issues.
  • Have a “no surprises” closing so that seller receives a net proceeds check at closing.
  • Activate our Relocation network system, if applicable.
  • Refer sellers to the experienced local agents at their relocation destination, if applicable.
  • Helping you to contact moving companies and helping you move into your new place. Moving Company Kids Moving Pets Moving
  • Deliver the keys on Possession date and helping you with the walk-through inspection. Possession Date
  • Preparing a list of major deficiencies, to be addressed to the listing agent and the seller for remediation.
  • Change MLS® status to Sold. Enter sale date, price, selling broker and agent’s ID numbers, etc. SOLD sign
  • Close out the listing in transaction management program
  • Follow Up After Closing
  • Follow up on deficiencies repairs.
  • Attempt to clarify and resolve any repair conflicts if the buyer is dissatisfied.
  • Answer questions about filing claims with Home Owner Warranty Company, if applicable
  • Respond to any follow-up calls and provide any additional information required from office files

Premium Marketing Plan. (Approaching Directly Potential Buyers)

  • Registering the property with 24/7 SMS text inquire with a unique number for obtaining full property information placed over the “FOR SALE” sign. SMS For Sale sign
  • Depending on the property type, evaluating potential buyers and sources for it.
  • Using Demographic Marketing Research software finding the contact information (names, phone numbers and emails) of potential matching buyers.
  • Start calling directly potential matching buyers and informing them about the property’s features.
  • Emailing potential qualified buyers information about the property and inviting them to open houses or offering private showings.
  • Mailing information for the property to potential buyers and following up on their interest.
  • Activating our private “Professional Referral Network” with over 5,000 members. All of them professionals very active in the real estate industry. We inform them about our new listing and offer 20% referral fee if they recommend our listing to a potential buyer.
  • Activating our private “General Referral Network” with over 20,000 members. All of them are professionals in different industries. We inform them about our new listing and offer 20% referral fee if they recommend our listing to a potential buyer.
  • Using PowerPoint, Adobe Illustrator and PhotoShop to process the photos and create the matching styles and screen formats for the different devices (Desktop computers, Laptops, Notebooks and Smart Phones) web applications and social Medias.
  • Using Video Editing and Multimedia applications to create videos and slideshows presentations for different video World Web and social media networks (YouTube, Vimeo and so on)
  • Uploading the videos to YouTube, Vimeo and other popular video websites.
  • Preparing and uploading the property listing to all our personal websites. www.stanstanchev.com www.vreg.ca
  • Preparing and uploading the property listing to worldproperties.com.
  • Preparing and uploading the property listing to homes.com.
  • Preparing and uploading the property listing to http://www.remax.com
  • Preparing and uploading the property listing to http://www.remax.ca

Supreme Marketing Plan (Complete Social Media Marketing Solution)

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5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
“Stan is a very reliable, honest, patient and efficient realtor. He puts the needs of his clients above his and he is always ready to provide relevant information about the housing market to prospective buyers.”
Elizabeth Zinder de Jesus
Seniors Outreach Coordinator at South-Burnaby Neighborhood House
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
“Stan is highly experienced and great with clients in their sales or purchases of homes. He listens and cares about the client’s needs. He does not pressure clients to make quick decisions. We worked with him on more than 4 properties. We would not hesitate to recommend his services as we’ve seen the great benefits of the services, advice and the informed decisions we took based on them.”
Ivan Velikov
Architect at Stantec
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
“We thoroughly enjoyed dealing with Stan. He sold our home as well as helped us purchase another in a different area. He is well versed in the market and keeps his clients up to date in market matters.”
Karim Ladha Juma
 Information Technology and Services Professional


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